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Aster Cars is looking for content writers to join our blog team in producing quality and accurate articles about automotive and car rentals. We are also taking it upon ourselves to educate and inform readers about essential information about vehicles, the industry and the market.

Topics to Tackle

The Aster Cars blog is focused on developments, news, and issues about the many factors and sectors of the automotive industry. We want you to write about the innovation and automation efforts by companies all over the globe focused on car performance, safety, and security.

We are on top of the latest news about the automotive industry, for positive, negative, and constructive news. We want to keep New Zealanders informed.

How to Apply

To apply for the job, submit your updated resume and writer portfolio for evaluation. Our recruitment team will handle your application and will then direct it to management for further assessment.

If your application made it through management, you will be invited for an interview with our marketing manager who is responsible for overseeing the entire blog operation for Aster Cars.

Open for Home-Based Applicants

This job opening is open to job seekers looking for home-based job opportunities. Everything will be established for you and you will be in constant communication with our team here in South Island.

The final interview for home-based applicants will be conducted online either through Skype or Zoom.

Final Reminders

Application for the writer position is now open and you can learn more about it on our website. You can also contact us directly for more information.

We are looking for a total of 8 writers to join us by June 2020 as we are planning to expand our blog in terms of articles.

Apply today.