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Aster Cars were founded by Maya Ellise from Kaikoura in the South Island. Ellise was working as a medical equipment repairwoman back in 2012 at a local hospital. Back then, she was tasked with acquiring medical equipment and supplies from their suppliers.

She didn’t have a car so she would opt to use one of the ambulances of the hospital. One day, while on a supply run, the ambulance was being paged by the hospital for emergencies.

There were no quick response car repairs in the area at that time, so they had to wait for more than an hour before help arrived.

That’s when Ellise decided to do something about it.


In 2013, Ellise founded Aster Cars as a small automotive repair provider, mainly for roadside assistance. As the years passed by, the small business grew to a full-on automotive repair, maintenance, and diagnostics repair centre.

2014 to 2016

In the next couple of years, Aster Cars grew even bigger and started to provide car rental services, first in South Island and then in Auckland and then throughout the country. We don’t have car rental hubs, but we are partners with rental providers all over.

We offer affordable car rental rates for everyone.

2017 to the present

Aster Cars grew and grew by each coming year in terms of employees, services, and clients. We now service the entire country with a wide variety of automotive and car rental services. Our 24/7 customer line can address all of your questions and clarifications.

For quick information, you can visit our homepage or contact us directly.